May 16, 2010

What a great weekend!

Didnt start out real promising with Charlie have the stomach flu, but he made it through it and off to work we went. Saturday we put in a 12 hour work day consisting of purchasing patio blocks for the front patio, mowing the yard, going to a friends farm for rocks and plants, planting flowers and lilacs and there were a few other things but you get the point. It is really nice to see some progress.

Today, we went and picked up some bridge timbers and got to see Lake Upsilon for the first time. Cannot wait to return there and cast my fishing line. Charlie scraped on the house and cut down branches while I cut up rhubarb. Tomorrow will be the great rhubarb cookfest. Any ideas, please do share them.

Now time to work on some embroidary. Oh, I also go some new fabrics and started a new project. :)

6 days to marathon. TJB

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