May 24, 2010


Back from a long weekend in Fargo. Friday, we picked up a friend and away we went to another running adventure. Saturday, up early and off into the rain we ran. We did the Fargo Marathon. It rained for the first hour or so and then was perfect weather soon followed by a wall of wind. Overall, I had a great time and was reminded just how much I love to run and the freedom it gives me.

Next year, mom and dad to walk the 1/2 marathon!!! Yeppers, mom, that means get your walking shoes on!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent with 2 trips to Buffalo Wild Wings, a bit of shopping and the most important, a trip to the hottub!

Now it is time to take my sore legs to bed and start working on my new projects. I also got some new yard over the weekend with my birthday money that Im excited to make a placemat with. Stay tuned......


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