May 4, 2010


Had a great weekend of projects, cleaning and relaxing around the house. FINALLY, got our last shade up in the living room. I did a little celebration dance to be rid of the vertical blinds.

Started on the dog beds and completed all 4 tops and just have to get zippers for the small ones and figure out how I want to complete the bottom of the xl bed. And of course, no zippers can be purchased here so added them to my list for the weekend.

I am continuing to work on my little girlies' shirts, but not happy with the skin color I used. They should still be pretty cute and for the quick work hopefully the will wear the heck out of them.

Started a new dishrag pattern also (I think I need a project for every room?) I decided it was time to learn some more knitting lingo, so away I went. :) Will let you know how it goes.

Ok, off to the shower and to start the day. It is the VERY last day for the vacation guide and I couldnt be happier it is over!

Great Day to all!

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