May 1, 2010


Went to my first Bull-a-rama this weekend. Uhm....well....very interesting. Those men are NUTS!!! The clown in fact got his horned and was singing soprano after the 2nd ride. It was my first time running this camera and well the pics proved it. Hopefully one out of the 50 I took will be paper worthy.

It turn out to be pretty fun because I got to go back behind the chutes and be right in the middle of the action. Those bulls are amazing. There was some great talent in both riders and bulls there. There is a rider that is regularly on tv and a bull that has been ridden in the PBR.

For a small town event, it is pretty big. Cant say it is my new favorite event but will likely go back next year. Heck, what else is my choice?! :)

Besides that big excitement, I got some housework done, dvr shows watched and some more completed on the girlies' shirts. Tomorrow, keep cleaning and start sewing on the dog beds. Oh just listing tomorrow's events exhauts me. :)

Night, night. TJB

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