August 23, 2013


As I am making my lists for this weekend's run, I am remembering one of my favorite runs from this year: Walt Disney World's Princess Half Marathon.
It was my best friend's first half marathon and let me tell you, she rocked it!
She has been running different runs this whole year and will soon be leaving to tackle her 2nd half marathon in Disney Land.  I had so much fun getting to run with her and watch her accomplish all of her finishes so far with more to come.  She is an inspiration! 
This weekend, I will be teaming up with my sister-in-law to tackle the Go Far Women half marathon relay.  Sounds like it will be a hot one, so will plan for lots of water during the run and lots of margaritas after the run!
Stay tuned for the results.
Whatever weekend plans you may have: GO FAR and ROCK IT!!  :)


  1. I think grandma will be rocking it at Toys R Us. Don't tell grandpa.

  2. Good Luck to all of you! Auntie will be rocking it at Cabelas!

  3. You are looking so gorgeous in these costumes thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.