August 30, 2013


Its Friday and I am
That isn't quite my version of happy dance, but darn close.  What are your happy dance moves?
More like   or or  ?
No matter what they may be, get them out because today I agree with Snoopy.
Have a  Friday and remember
[Dancing Crown] Keep Calm And Do The Happy Dance
PS Shake it! Rock it! Oh yeah, that's the moves! Woot....woot!!!
PSS Ok, wait.......Slow down...don't hurt yourself......whoa....ok, better just sit down for a bit.


  1. What a silly, happy post. I think I'll just sit in my chair and wiggle...don't want to throw anything out here. Have a great day!

  2. Hey it's Friday again, Just put up 14 quarts of the best d*#@ tomato juice in the world and I'm doin' the HAPPY DANCE!! OOps better sit down before I spill my wine!!