January 25, 2012


After all of the great holiday feasts and winter snow on the ground to prevent running, I have been looking for an affordable option to get back on track to healthy.  I found a ton of good nutrient options, but all with a big price tag on them.  I have prided myself in staying pretty fit, but have that annoying 5-8 extra lbs hanging on since I was put out of running commission for surgeries.  Well, with all excuses aside, I have started doing Green Smoothies.  Yes the top picture is green tinted, but this one is not.

Add some spinach, kale, banana, pear, protein powder, flax seed and some oj for a great lunch in a blender.  So far, I have really enjoyed them.  The first day I put in some regular green lettuce that needed to be used and boy was that not a good idea.  I did get it all down but it tasted just as it was, blended lettuce.  Using the proper ingredients there on out, I have really enjoyed them and they are doing their "cleansing" duties.
Oatmeal for breakfast.
Green Smoothie for lunch.
Fiber bar for afternoon snack.
Healthy, sensible supper.
Now to kick this cold and get back to Zumba! If you haven't tried this latest exercise trend and have the option to, I highly recommend it.  So much fun!
What is your secret to staying healthy?


  1. Zumba is exercise? I thought it was someplace fun to go, like the zoo or mall.

  2. Do you have to have a Wii to get Zumba? I've been wanting to do that too! I love Naked juice it's in the healthy section at the market, takes the work out of blending it yourself! You would have to bring this up just after I finished a chicken salad sandwich! Extra miracle whip,mmmmm!