January 11, 2012


I took the afternoon off a while back and my husband came home to the now dreaded words in our house of "Honey, look what I did!"  He walked into our bathroom to see no light, no medicine cabinet and no more gray plastic tiles on the walls.  I saw the potential and he saw the mess.  I retextured all of the walls with some joint compound we had, primed and painted them.  Hubby put in the new medicine cabinet/mirror.  This last Sunday while he was out hunting with man's best friend, I put up the tile work over the shower. 
He came home and loved it, so do I.  I am going to take some time off this week to get home to grout and seal the tiles and hang our new light.  This weekend will bring new baseboards, trim and wainscoating for the walls.  The project is finally looking like we imagined and is completely different than the rest of the house in color and tiles.
I cannot wait until I get to say "Honey, look what I did!" again and the project is complete.
What home renovations are on your Resolution list for 2012?