November 14, 2011


After a great day of shopping last Thursday with my handsome hubby, I spent Friday with a great friend.  We sewed, sewed and sewed some more.  It was so much fun.  A whole day of great coffee, great projects and great chit chat with a great gal.  Get my theme here?!  :)
I completed throughout the weekend, including Friday, 3 Origami Table Toppers (pictured above) and the Sassy Strips Table Runner (pictured below).  I made two of the Origami and the Sassy Strip for my upcoming Annual Meeting silent auction and door prizes for work. The 3rd Origami is going to be shared also.  I made up the striped backing out of the scraps and on a whim.  Took longer than expected (as usual) but was lots of fun.
Next project: Mug Rug Swap. 
Anyone want to participate?

What project are you working on?

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  1. Baby blue chiffon and satin! May have some hair left when I'm finished?