November 1, 2011

The Great Pheasant Expedition of 2011 

The Great Pheasant Expedition of 2011 

We spent a lot of this summer working on our home, so we decided we needed an expedition out before the white stuff shows up. We overpacked (as usual) and hit the road a couple of weekend's back.  I am not much of a hunter with a gun, but I love to walk the fields and hunt for the perfect pictures with my camera.  After many miles walked and many reprimands to the dogs, my mighty hunter got his first bird. 
Lucy our youngest pup has never been hunting before and was quite the character.  She does not like to go into the brush; she prefers the easy way around; she does not like the feathers in her mouth and she is very protective of her catch. 
Doesn't she look so proud?! 
We had a great time, ended up with two pheasants, lots of great pictures and many memories. 
Great idea hubby, lets do it again next year.  :)


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