November 6, 2010


It has been a while since my last blog and lots has happened. 
Volleyball is still in progress and we are on our way to Regions this coming week.  GO BULL DOGS!!!!
As you can likely tell from the pictures, I will be on my way on an extra set of wooden legs.  Thanks for lending them to me, dad.  :)
I had reconstruction surgery on my left foot due to bunions on both sides and I also had a GPS shot in my right foot the same day.  The GPS shot is healing well and feels good so far.  The left foot will be a bit slower healing with having the addition of 3 screws added. No weight bearing for a month! Ugh.....that is definately slower then my usual pace.
So far my surgery projects have included the completion of a dolly sweater, a fashion scarf and a dish rag.  I am currently working on another scarf.  Each project has required the learning of new stitches, so has been fun.
Well time for the next dose of pain meds and some food.  Happy Saturday night to all.


  1. hey gimpy! mind your p's and q's with that foot. good thing you have a good nurse. love, mom

  2. Wow, take advantage, and make Charlie wait on you. We'll see how good of husband he'll make.Ha!
    Take care and enjoy some bench time!