November 26, 2010


We started the day out right with some warm carmel rolls.  Then with the turkey in the over, we were off to the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot.  It was a year ago today that I took my first venture out into the Rolla community.  The people were so nice and I instantly felt welcomed.  This year was the same and even though I was on crutches, we still participated.  With everybody in from the cold and pies in their hands, C and I went back home to a great smelling house.  This was our 2nd Thanksgiving in our home (thanks to moms cooking for us last year! Thanks Mom!) and my first attempt at cooking our big meal.  I had a great time cooking and also making our new table center piece; I finished it just before we pulled the real turkey out of the over.  :)  Over all, the day was great as we wasted the afternoon away miserable stuffed and overly happy on the couch.  Hope everyone's was even half as good as ours.
(This post was tardy due to the camera being across the room and me being to tired and to full to get up and get. Now thats what you call a successful Turkey Day!!)

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