July 10, 2010


What a day it has been and now sitting with a tiki mai tai drink in my hand it has been all worth it. :)

What I accomplished: got the radio working in the garage; primed all the molding around the house; clipped and pulled weeds throughout the yard;and tilled, hoed edges, raked and layed plastic in the new rock garden.

Should add in there that I had to assemble the tiller and well pretty much learn how to use it. It isnt so much as learning to use it as it is to control it. Kind of like a man, dont you think?!

C was gone all day on the adventure of purchasing our new backyard fence. Despite him getting out of all the manual labor, Im still glad that I chose to stay home and manage the time of good weather.

Well, time to finish that drink and hit a chic flick!

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