July 22, 2010


Between working on the house and figuring out blogger updates, I have been MIA.  Let's recap....

     • finished another dish towel
     • finished my soon-to-be nephews t-shirts (pics coming soon)
     • have part of the house double coated with yellow
     • started fine scraping windows, BORING!!!!!
     • played in a beach volleyball tournament in Canada and took  
       2nd place
     • witnessed the closing of a 106 yr. old church and wrote a story
       about it.  :)
     • ate Chinese and met a wonderful lady that loves to sew and
       was more then happy so share some patterns and yarn with me.
     • painted some more.....

Whew...I have been a busy bee.  I am really happy with the house color and am excited to get shutters to add on.  Still lots to do, but progress is being made.

This weekend, I do believe we are going to go try that thing everyone is calling summer. My friend Josh is have a family gathering we are going to crash on the lake.  A dear friend told me this morning that she regrets missing all the fun because she felt she needed to do the responsible thing, so away we shall go.

Skipping back in time and leaving adulthood behind.........
Ok, back to work and that story I am writing.


PS. The  picture is from our drive home after the church closing.  The fields up here are breathtakingly beautiful with color.

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  1. Love the barn pic! Not much Summer left, better enjoy every minute!