December 5, 2012

My Nights and Weekend Job...

We are coming to the end of Holiday Shows for the season.  One more this weekend and then I am hanging up my Dakota Maid apron to work on some "special" projects to be hopefully finished by Christmas.

If you need any one of a kind, handmade gifts, please go check us out on Etsy: Dakota Maid.  Not all of our things are listed, so be sure to contact us with any questions.

I have really enjoyed our (mom and me) new adventure and look forward to learning more and taking new paths for our shop.  Any and all ideas, suggestions, etc or greatly wanted and appreciated!

Thank you to all of our 2012 customers and we look forward to what the new year has in store.

Doing things the Dakota Maid way,
aka DDM (Daughter Dakota Maid)


  1. that's our girl! carrying on the family tradition of crafting and selling! Great job Missy and keep up the good work! (I hope I can add to your inventory by spring time??)

    1. That Tiede blood is thick when it comes to crafting and selling! :) Hope? Im "expecting" you to add to our inventory!!

  2. I'll get busy on my crafting, if you get busy on that "expecting" condition!! (and I think I just gave you the fun job!)