November 9, 2012

The good times just keep coming....

Im back!!  :)

I have a lot to report on and play catch up on but I have to share today's good tidings first!
My mom and I have been having fun sewing (mainly her) and selling at local craft shows and fall festivals.  More will come on those later.  Everytime I get that text from mom stating "package mailed," my heart races with anticipation; my office ladies have come to look forward to it also.  Anywho....

Today was one of those fun days!! My mom is so creative and talented, I just never know what I will be getting.  Today, I received baby sweaters, baby blankets, baby hats and some purses.  I was admiring one, set it down to pick up the next one and I was so excited to find this:

This bag has so much meaning and being made by my mom makes it even more special to me.

My hubby and I went to San Franciso in July. We visited a local coffee shop frequently and the last morning there I asked if they sold their coffee bean bags. He said no and then went and grabbed me two for free! I was very excited. Of course, this bag is made from one of them. The funky fabric I got on Haight Street, if you do not know the history, be sure to Google it. You can imagine hubby's face when I asked to go fabric shopping! Priceless.  But being the perfect man he is, in I went! I also picked up the fun patch on Haight Street. The blue jean is an old pair of my jeans from high school that I finally wore out. The inside is full of the funky fabric and my jean pockets. 

Adorable!! I LOVE it.  Can you tell by my ramblings on it?! 
This is a one of kind bag that will never be for sale!
(But be sure to check out our other one of a kind bags at Dakota Maid.)

Thank you so much mom for your work, time and so much talant!!! I absolutely love it!!
Now what to fill it with?? My latest project....make it my purse....oh wait I can do both!!

Oh and I have to put a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my brother for his great week at his job!!!

Happy Day!


  1. You're welcome. Now keep your eyes and hands off the rest of my bags.