April 5, 2012

THURSDAY'S THINGS by knit and pearl

Going to my post office box has been so much fun this last week.  Special surprises from my Mom (aka knit and pearl blogger, aka Dakota Maid shop partner)
First came this adorable new pot holder.  I have to say that it is WAY too cute to be using under my pots and pans.  The recipe on the top is a photo transfer she did of her famous chocolate chip cookies.  The photo transfer on the bottom left is me feeding my cabbage patch baby, Cheryl.

Then yesterday, this adorable NOOK cover came in the mail.  What a fun case to protect my NOOK this summer! It pretty much goes everywhere with me.  SO CUTE!!!!

I never get tired of Mom's care packages.  I love getting them today as much if not more than I did in college.  I don't know what you use to rate moms but mine is the best and off the charts!!


I cant forget my dad because he supports my mom in her sewing habits.  Thanks Dad!

Your Daughter (aka Tildy)

PS She has been very busy on other projects too, so be sure to go check her blog out


  1. Thanks for helping to keep mama off the streets and out of jail!

  2. Its a tough job but someone has to do it, right?! :)