April 10, 2012

MINDLESS MONDAY (a day late)

For those of you that know me, even the slightest, are not surprised by my tardiness.  As my father calls it: Tara time.  BUT....I must say that even Tara time is faster and more on time than Charlie time (my hubby)!!

We didn't have a very Easterly weekend at our house, but it was still a good one.  This holiday sure snuck up on us, along with a couple of birthdays that I have to play catch up on yet.  :S 

Hubby unplugged our bathroom sink finally.  Of course, he broke a pipe in the process, but as I told him, it is all in the learning process of becoming a handy man/do-it-yourselfer.

I worked on cleaning and some sewing.  In between that I watched and listened to birds in the yard.  I do believe Spring is trying to stay (even though the snow this morning sure doesn't show it.)  The wrens (and blackbirds) seem to be enjoying the backyard, while the robins are all hanging out in the front yard.  Good thing we have a fence to keep them from fighting!

What song are you singing today?



  1. For some reason I have freeze frame stuck in my head today? Love your birdie mosaic! You should share it over at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday! You can send your handy-man to my house anytime, he'd get lots of experience here!!!

  2. Oh, how do I "share" it over there?