June 23, 2011


After many months of planning, my prince and I were off to our dream wedding.  Ok, maybe more my dream wedding.....

We made a our flight with dress in tow right on time. We had a lay over in MN where we met up with a great friend, my brother and his wife.  Charlie and I played farkle to pass the time of waiting.

The flight from MN to Orlando was a very long one plus we took off over an hour late.  My mom, dad and aunt were already in Orlando and checked in to our room.  Finally, about midnight we landed and my dad picked us up from the airport.  Eight of us packed into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo for the night.  I highly recommend the place (if I could recall the name, I would certianly pass it on) as it had everything you could want.

Im not sure if Charlie is smiling because we made it safe off the flight of doom, because he is Orlando, FL for the first time or because he is on his wedding trip to marry the bride of his dreams.  In my dreams, I choose the latter of them.  :)

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