March 24, 2011


Because I am unable to do that last month before my wedding workout, I have been paying extra attention to my eating habits.  Still no calorie counting! In doing so, C picked me up some Lean Cuisine meals for me (per my request) to be able to take to work.  He did a great job!

I have to give today's blog spot to Lean Cuisines and their awesome flavor and taste!!  Today was Chicken Chow Mein for 4 g. fat, 240 cal., and 3 g. fiber.  And also the perfect amount to not leave you hungry.

Sending my kudos and keep up the good work!


1 comment:

  1. geesh, hope you can get down to 135 before your big day. What have you got to lose? 2 pounds. You have really let yourself go, NOT