October 15, 2012

Facing the Odds....

My little pup, Lucy, had a tough weekend. 
She was the only female amongst five males!!  I knew better than to face those odds, so stayed home.

She ran, chased pheasants, ran some more and all while keeping an eye on the men and their guns!  She came home with six pheasants and a proud papa!  A little rest this week and she will be ready to go again.

Lucy is a rescue, mixed breed puppy we adopted from the local Uffda fund, which is pretty much the same thing as the Humane Society.  She has had very little training and can run with the best of them.  So those of you wanting hunting dogs, don't be afraid to look at your nearest rescue facility!  Lucy can hunt, fetch and love like any expensive pure breed can!

Great job Lucy-Loo!!

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  1. Great Job Lucy!! BTW, how did you find all those pheasants without a family guide??;)