December 16, 2011


Yesterday was quite the "day off" for me.
Instead of doing things that were on my list, I completely veered off and decided to start in on the bathroom remodeling project even though we have now products purchased to really do so.  I tore off the old plastic gray tiles (who their right mind ever decided that those were a good idea????), I took down our medicine cabinet and started in on texturing over the tile glue.  What a disaster, I must say.  But....after all of that was done, into the kitchen I went to try some new recipes.  CEO and I found a fun restaurant that has such good curry and wanted to try a few dishes ourselves.  I give this recipe 3 out of 5 stars and the reason I rate it low is because it needs vegetables.  The next recipe is an oldy but goody and never been tried by myself before, mom's caramel corn recipe.  And this stuff is SOOO good!!  Very easy, just takes time.  Will be doing a few batches of this stuff for the holidays yet.
The next 5 star event of the evening was my hubby helping me out (as he is usually very good at doing) washing the dishes for me.  Doesn't he look great with dishpan hands?!!
A few miles on my new trainer and off to bed exhausted I went.
Who has time for a job when you have a to do list like mine?????

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  1. Looks like (to me) you could quit your job and give Martha Stewart some competition!