February 14, 2011


I really have to brag this year ladies!  I received a gift trully from the heart: honey mustard dipping sauce and runts candy! I am not in anyway being sarcastic! These are two things that I LOVE and for not supposed to be getting a gift, he did fabulous.  Plus, it sure beats the pair of saw horses I got a few years back!!!!  Ok, that was sarcastic!  :)

I also was spoiled with a package that came in the mail last Friday.  I received a Valentine's gift from my mom and dad.  Never too old to get care packages! The fun of getting older is that I get to send return ones now.  I received this cute and perfect  pair of duffers, handmade by my mom, a good book, and a new project!!!  I cannot wait to dig into that! 

I hope you all had as great of a Valentine's Day as I have so far! Tonight will be a quiet meal of spicy, garlic shrimp, a basketball game for C and a quiet project night for me, all shared on the couch together.  Life is heart-tastic!


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  1. WEll to each his own...
    Hope you got him a slightly used bucket, matching buckets are always nice.